Yuanxiangming Traditional: Free commercial Chinese fonts based on Siyuan Song Style

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Brief introduction of the original clear-cut fonts:
“Source Sample Ming Style” is an open source Chinese font based on Siyuan Song Style. Using the characters of Siyuan Song Style Korean (KR) version, combined with the usual centering punctuation in traditional Chinese, you can typeset traditional printed files.

Font characteristics:
Traditional printing thinking

The default Taiwan Province version (TW) of the original Song Style adopts the standard font of the Ministry of Education, which is suitable for educational purposes, but it does not conform to the traditional printed aesthetics. For example, there are too many strokes of pointing, picking and skimming, and the jumping motion of files is great. This project mainly uses KR version characters, which is close to the traditional printing habit and has a neat arrangement.

Note: No new characters have been created in this project. All characters are from Siyuan Song Style itself. Therefore, rare words or simplified words not included in KR version will still be TW and CN style.

Integrity of fonts:
Keep all the Chinese characters supported by Siyuan Song Style (including Japanese, Korean and simplified Chinese characters), and the commonly used Chinese characters will hardly have the problem of missing characters. At the same time, all Japanese pseudonyms are retained. (However, the Korean characters up to 10,000 words have been deleted, which effectively reduces the font size. )

Note: No new characters have been created in this project. Simplified Chinese characters will certainly be the original style.

Punctuation conforms to traditional Chinese custom:
If you use Siyuan Song Style KR version to arrange Chinese directly, you will have the problem of punctuation at the bottom left. The punctuation marks in this version still use the traditional Chinese custom, and commas, periods, etc. are placed in the center. And the system can correctly identify it as traditional Chinese font.

In addition, the punctuation marks of Siyuan Song Style are like “,”” Set the compressed word width with proportional width, which will be compressed by 50% by default in Illustrator, InDesign and other environments. This tends to make punctuation appear too narrow. In this version, the compressed word width information of some symbols is removed, so that the word width of these punctuation marks can keep full width in principle.

TrueType format:
The font has been converted to TrueType format (.ttf). Word, PowerPoint and other software support are relatively complete (for example, they can be embedded in slides normally). High compatibility with some old applications.


Yuanxiangming Traditional: Free commercial Chinese fonts based on Siyuan Song Style

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