DingTalk JinBuTi – Permanent free commercial use

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「钉钉进步体」 (DingTalkJinBuTi) is an excellent title art design Chinese font, fully in line with GB2312 specifications. It contains 6763 Chinese characters, as well as 150 Latin letters and Latin extended characters, as well as 613 punctuation and other characters, a total of 7526 characters.

This font is designed at an italic angle of 7 °, showing both the sense of technology and the beauty of writing.
It is very suitable for online and offline advertising, multi-channel marketing and spatial guidance and other scenarios.
This font is an artistic font designed for headings and LOGO, and is completely open to individuals and organizations-permanently free for commercial use!

DingTalk JinBuTi - Permanent free commercial use

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