HuXiaoBo_KuHei – zcool Kuhei Font

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HuXiaoBo_KuHei - zcool Kuhei Font


[HuXiaoBo_KuHei ] was born on the tenth anniversary of Station Cool. The strokes are rough and powerful, and the wide and flat literals are used to construct a heavy font form. The decoration of stroke details not only enhances the design sense of the font, but also makes the font a little more delicate. The fullness of the middle palace makes the typesetting combination between the characters very eye-catching. The experience version was released in July 2016.

Author: Initiated by Hu Xiaobo, the members of Ziyou Studio designed the basic glyphs. Ten students from Hu Xiaobo Design Class designed it together.

Word count: It contains 3,500 common words, 52 English letters and 10 Arabic numerals.

Scope of use: Free authorization for the whole society (including commercial use).

Version information: The latest version in July 2016.

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