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It’s 2020, and the webmaster hasn’t released any new font materials for free commercial use for a long time. So today, I will bring you a “Yousheng Title Black” designed by Yousheng. I hope that the new font will bring you better design schemes and creativity in the new year!


YouSheBiaoTiHei - Chinese Font


This is a font specially designed for Banner, the first screen of the website. The characteristic of “Optimal Title Black” is that the font adds a tilting effect, and at the same time, it thickens the font thickness, which makes the font stand out more prominently.

This font style greatly saves designers’ design time for headline advertisements, and a very good visual effect can be obtained only by using the original font or directly using this font.


YouSheBiaoTiHei - Chinese Font

It is based on the boldface type, and the overall font is stable. At the same time, it uses larger words and thick strokes to strengthen the sense of strength. The design that each font tilts horizontally by 8 gives the font a strong sense of speed. In order to keep the font stable even after tilting, the designer sets the overall font body to be wide and flat. The unique sharp corner design on the starting pen and hook not only highlights the geometric sense of the design, but also facilitates later modification.


YouSheBiaoTiHei - Chinese Font


Therefore, this font is most suitable for all kinds of brand advertisements and titles of product packaging design.

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YouSheBiaoTiHei - Chinese Font

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