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Today, I’ll give you a public welfare Chinese font-Station Cool Literary Style, which can be freely commercialized without restriction. This font also comes from the designers of Station Cool.com and was created by Liu Bingke together with dozens of other designers!

Station Cool Literary Style adopts TTF format, which is a simplified font library. It contains 7155 common words, 52 English letters, 10 Arabic numerals and 67 common punctuation marks and symbols.

In terms of the number of characters in a simple font, it is a very good font with wide compatibility (7,155 characters), and it basically won’t feel embarrassed when designing and using because of the lack of some rare and very used Chinese characters!

Original font authorization information viewing:


Please recheck the authorization information of fonts before commercial use to prevent the authorization information from changing!

zcoolwenyiti - Free commercial font

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