AaHouDiHei – Personal non-commercial free use

Manual preview of fonts

中文字体世界,免费下载素材!Click here to change the text you want.

AaHouDiHei - Personal non-commercial free use

Chinese font style application scenario

1. embedded use: PC client and APP application
2. Use of new media and platform products: Weibo, WeChat, self-media, graphic editing and design platforms.
3. Use of film and television publishing: film and television dramas, variety shows, documentaries, publishing houses and newspaper groups.
4. Commercial design release and use: product promotion, product packaging, corporate Logo and corporate name.


AaHouDiHei - Personal non-commercial free use

How to buy a font license?

I have provided an official authorized website for fonts. If you need to buy, please consult this website.


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