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Qiji-font (齊伋體) is:

  • A Ming typeface;
  • Extracted from Ming Dynasty woodblock printed books (凌閔刻本);
  • Using semi-automatic computer vision and OCR;
  • Open source;
  • A work in progress;
  • Named in honour of 閔齊伋, 16th century printer;
  • Intended to be used with wenyan-lang, the Classical Chinese programming language.


QIJIC- qiji-font  |  Free commercial fonts


Unique Glyphs :4569

Covered Characters* : 5916
Books Scanned:  李長吉歌詩 / 淮南鴻烈解
* Simplified forms fall back to traditional forms, more common traditional variants fall back to less common variant forms.

Known Issues

Character sizes are sometimes inconsistent. Undergoing manual tweaking.

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QIJIC- qiji-font  |  Free commercial fonts QIJIC- qiji-font  |  Free commercial fonts

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