Font legendary special war style(ziticqtezhanti )- Free commercial fonts

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This font is free for commercial use in the whole society. It is forbidden to modify the translation and transformation of font files, and it is not allowed to use this font to sell others for profit.

Font legendary special war style(ziticqtezhanti )- Free commercial fonts

This is a font of micro-deformation design, micro-deformation is some of our common skills in business cases and learning, combined with the design of a set of deformation font, mainly suitable for the need of deformation, font LOGO logo theme applications and other needs. The overall glyph structure, rigorous-standard-clean-tidy-unified.

Font legendary special war style(ziticqtezhanti )- Free commercial fonts
Special combat style, according to the GB2312 coding design, the whole font contains 6763 simplified Chinese characters, the overall font design adopts the horizontal thin and vertical thick design style, the horizontal line right end tilt modification, the vertical line right corner modification deformation, the overall vision is unified and strong.

English and Chinese: 7000.
Font format: TTF.
Support: WIN/MAC.
Font creator: Zhang Jiajia.
Font coding: Zhang Jiajia font team.
Participating designers: Wei Mingming, Ji Aixia, Wang Ya, Yuan Li, Li Wenda.

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Font legendary special war style(ziticqtezhanti )- Free commercial fonts

[font story]

This public welfare font, as early as 2015, called on dozens of people in the group to develop this character. At that time, everyone was very active and assigned to everyone. Not long after the font content to be designed, the participants could not be contacted. May be public welfare free font design, time-consuming and thankless thing, this public welfare font team broke up in this way.

Font legendary special war style(ziticqtezhanti )- Free commercial fonts

It was not until the end of 2019 that I made up my mind to yell again in the group to do the font thing. This time I only found five partners who are willing to do public font. Two of them are little sisters with children at home. There are also two lovers, one at work, one in the postgraduate entrance examination, and the last one is a post-00 designer, plus I cobbled together, this is the small team of this public font. At that time, it happened to be the Spring Festival, and everyone did not go out. They began to design in the afternoon of the first day of junior high school, and it was not until May or June that all the designs were modified.

Font legendary special war style(ziticqtezhanti )- Free commercial fonts

There is no full-time design team, just put together a few friends, everything is love design to get together, if not for love a few years ago to give up this matter. Due to the small number of people, but did a very difficult thing, I named this team, font special forces, so this public welfare font, named (special combat style) is also hope in the design of the road, not afraid of difficulties and setbacks, adhere to the dream to continue to fight.

Reminds me of a sentence a few years ago, using fonts to convey positive energy, with persistence to dream hand in hand. I also hope that the font legendary special combat style, a free public welfare font library, will contribute to the public welfare font. Thank you again for your support to the Zhang Jiajia font special warfare team. There will be many setbacks in our life. As long as we persist in our efforts, we can always walk through it, and we will choose our way of life without abandoning it.

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