Yuanyunmingfan font: free commercial Chinese font download

Manual preview of fonts

中文字体世界,免费下载素材!Click here to change the text you want.

Font characteristics:
Traditional print style

Please refer to the description of the source sample.

Text ink halo processing

The “source flow and bright style” was hazy at the stroke junction, as if the ink was faint or slightly overexposed.

Four words in weight

It can be widely used in various situations by providing four words such as Light, Regular, Medium and SemiBold.

TrueType format

The font has been converted to TrueType format (.ttf). Word, PowerPoint and other software support are relatively complete (for example, they can be embedded in slides normally). High compatibility with some old applications. Of course, there is no problem in straight and horizontal rows!


Yuanyunmingfan font: free commercial Chinese font download


This font can be used freely in printing, video, internet or any media, and is not limited to personal or commercial use.

You can redistribute or modify this font based on SIL Open Font License 1.1.

Font authorization link: https://github.com/ButTaiwan/genwan-font


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