China’s best email clients for free download-Foxmail 7.2 (New)

China's best email clients for free download-Foxmail 7.2 (New)

Amongst the popular choices of users worldwide such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Pegasus Mail, IncrediMail, The Bat! or IBM Lotus Notes, Foxmail’s top ranking in the Softpedia `Email Clients` category may seem a bit odd.

Being a Chinese application, the developer didn’t see fit that the installation process or the starting language of the actual program should be English and opted for Chinese.

Foxmail Introduction:

China's best email clients for free download-Foxmail 7.2 (New)

All-new design

We redesign the way Foxmail looks and works. The new Foxmail looks fresh, clean, and brings clarity to the entire experience. You know good design when you use it.

China's best email clients for free download-Foxmail 7.2 (New)

Rebuilt for performance

Loving Foxmail is easy because of its good performance. Now the new Foxmail is faster, more responsive, more reliable even under the mass data up to millions messages.

China's best email clients for free download-Foxmail 7.2 (New)

Note everything

Use Foxmail notepad function, you can record while working, easily organize useful information. Foxmail will Keep all of your notes in sync with QQMail both in web and mobile.


Foxmail 7.2 (New)2014-01-23

  1. New: notepad plugin
  2. New: the new kernel brings smoother reading experience
  3. New: Imap and Exchange mail account supports search on the server
  4. New: filter junk mails with Foxmail anti – spam database (beta)
  5. New: show Exchange online archive
  6. New: import Foxmail 7.0 mail databases
  7. New: import mail archive files in .fox suffix
  8. New: set mail account to be inactive
  9. New: statistical functions of mail account
  10. New: N seconds to mark it as read after reading a mail
  11. New: add the specified folder to frequently used folders
  12. New: folders support automatically sorting
  13. New: filter supports inter – account transfer
  14. New: merge duplicate contacts, add alphabetical index, and recipient and sender match with the address book in the address module
  15. New: print calendars, display holidays, and use color to distinguish one account from other in the calendar module
  16. New: read in separate windows and web mode in the RSS module
  17. Enhancement: optimize fuzzy searches and search performance
  18. Enhancement: create and preview calendar transaction more convenient
  19. Enhancement: give hints while sending and receiving mails

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