Natural Writing Brush(HOT-Ninja Std R) Font-Traditional Chinese


  1. I have a question.. I have downloaded the font Sui Yi Mao Bi Zi Ti. I installed it on my Mac and can write in English with it, but when I type chinese it defaults to the standard for chinese characters… I’m not sure why

    Also, I can’t see the font at all in Adobe Illustrator.

    Thanks ahead for the help!

  2. I figured out how to set it up and want to thank you so much!!! I have found it very hard to find a font style that you can type in both english and chinese…. Thank you so much!!! I have bookmarked your website and have been telling all my bilingual friends

    • Hi Jason, how to set it up please? I encounter the same problem you have before…it defaults to standard Chinese. I’m using AI

  3. Hello, I love this font. But, for some reason I cannot get the character ” 濰 ” to become stylized. It is a traditional character isn’t it?

  4. How come it says “Cannot install”… “does not appear to be a valid font”

    Using windows 7.

    Please help, thanks!

  5. Hello, I want to buy the commercial use license for this font in some videos on Facbook and other social media websites. How can I buy this? Thank you so much.

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