Kids twitter Font-Simplified Chinese

Font Chinese name :    Kids twitter Font-Simplified Chinese

Chinese Font Pinyin name :   [Tuan Zi]Qing Jiao Wo Tian Ran Meng Wei [email protected]

Font sample :

Kids twitter Font-Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese : Support
Traditional Chinese : Don’t support

Download Link:

Flie Hash: 9a126ac62fd07cfc4c924c74ea097503
Flie Date: October 1, 2014
File Size: 5.8 MiB
Flie Hits: 154

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2 thoughts on “Kids twitter Font-Simplified Chinese

    1. admin Post author

      适用,软件只要支持中文字符显示,就自然可以调用安装在系统中的中文字体···(应用选择字体的时候可能字体文件名有时候比较难找,并不是显示什么 就是这个字体的名字!)

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