FG Song Qing Running script Font-Traditional Chinese


  1. Thank you for providing so many free Chinese fonts. I really like this one, but when I use it, some of the characters seem to be missing. For example, when I type 黃, it has to revert to my “MS Mincho” font that’s already on my computer instead of this one here, even though the characters around it are in this font. Is that something that can be looked into and fixed? I did try other fonts, and while I didn’t find missing characters in those, I liked them less than this one.

    Thank you very much,

    • There are many reasons!
      1. The encoding of Chinese fonts is very complex, which leads to the same word can have different coding!
      2. The author forgot this character

      • Thanks for the response! If it’s because of the first one, do you know if there’s any way to test it and/or fix it?

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