Beautiful Elegant Pen Font-Simplified Chinese

Font Chinese name :  Beautiful Elegant Pen Font-Simplified Chinese

Chinese Font Pinyin name :   Quan Xin Ying Bi Xing Shu Jian

Font sample :

Beautiful Elegant Pen Font-Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese :    Support

Traditional Chinese :    Don’t  Support


This elegant, beautiful, handwritten pen fonts. I liked the Chinese fonts, it is in line with the reading habits of Chinese people. It has a strong Chinese style, you should use it in plane advertisement design. At the same time is also a kind of common running script style.


  1. Hello,

    Could you tell me the creator or the type foundry who owns this font? Is this font free for personal use and commercial use?

      • Hello,

        What is the cost and terms of the font license for Quan Xin Ying Bi Xing Shu Jian for commercial use? Since China is 12 hours ahead, could you reply back directly to my email?

        Thank you kindly.

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