9P The latest collection of Chinese font design solutions in 2023 -Qingfeng chastises evil

The theme poster uses strong contrast in high saturation color to reflect the national tide style of the new era, and the font style refers to the design of ancient Chinese charms, combined with clear font colors to give the viewer the feeling of cyber fairy knight-errant. It is a new attempt of the national tide style.
The four style posters correspond to the words quot; Qingfeng and quot; respectively, emphasizing the spirit and action of firmly opposing evil, upholding justice and fairness.
Martial arts novels and legends from ancient China.
1. Purity & quot;: refers to innocence and integrity, which represents the quality of purity, selflessness and unselfishness.
2. Sharp quot;:, which represents sharp and resolute action.
3. Kill quot;: means to wipe out, combat, and represents the determination and action to eliminate evil and injustice.
4. Evil quot;: refers to evil and unjust acts and forces, which represent bad forces that violate morality and harm the interests of society.
Different colors are used to reflect the characteristics of these four words, and the font with fluid characteristics combined with metallic luster reflects the charm of ancient Chinese immortals.


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