HappyZcool-2016 -Simplified Chinese Fonts – Free commercial copyright

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Font Chinese name :    HappyZcool-2016 -Simplified Chinese Fonts - Free commercial copyright

Chinese Font Pinyin name :  Zhan Ku Kuai Le Ti 2016 Xiu Ding Ban

Chinese character name :    站酷快乐体2016修订版

Font sample :

HappyZcool-2016 -Simplified Chinese Fonts - Free commercial copyright

Simplified Chinese :  Support

Traditional Chinese : Don’t  Support

Font Format:    .ttf

Author: Bingke Liu  students and studio team.

Brief introduction: the “Zcool  happy body 2016 revision” is a substantial revision and promotion based on the “Zcool  happy body” which took 7 months and has been officially released and downloaded after several rounds of review. The first edition will be released in September 2015 and the latest revision will be released in June 2016.

Word count: GB2312 Chinese character code is adopted, including 6,763 Chinese characters.

Scope of Use: Free authorization to the whole society (including commercial use).

Version information: latest revision in June 2016.

Font authorization information query:


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