Xuke Li Handwriting Calligraphy (v1.4) Font-Simplified Chinese

Chinese Font Pinyin name :    Li Xu Ke Shu Fa v1.4

Font sample :

688547 Xuke Li Handwriting Calligraphy (v1.4) Font Simplified Chinese Simplified Chinese Font Handwriting Chinese Font Calligraphy Chinese Font

Simplified Chinese :   Support

Traditional Chinese :   Don’t  Support

Font Format:    .ttf

This is a creative artist handwriting style, great calligrapher atmosphere.


Download Link:

Flie Hash: 69d66a4f5b5cff3e7fefa1d8d6b5a5e9
Flie Date: August 21, 2015
File Size: 3.3 MiB
Flie Hits: 4,260
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2 thoughts on “Xuke Li Handwriting Calligraphy (v1.4) Font-Simplified Chinese

  1. Ng Bee Tong

    Have downloaded this font.
    But do not know how to use it.
    My intention is to create letter in Chinese, then use the fanciful font for my interest.
    Please help.
    How could I install these font in my MS Words 2007

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