Ben Mo YongHei Elegant Chinese Font -Simplified Chinese Fonts

Font Chinese name :     Ben Mo YongHei Elegant Chinese Font -Simplified Chinese Fonts

Chinese Font Pinyin name :    Ben Mo Yong Hei

Chinese character name :    本墨咏黑

Font sample :

Ben Mo YongHei Elegant Chinese Font -Simplified Chinese Fonts

Simplified Chinese :  Support

Traditional Chinese : Don’t  Support

Font Format:    .ttf

all rights reserved:

1. No one may copy, modify, copy, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, convert, translate, or split this font software;

2. No person may sell or rent, lend, gift, transfer, provide download, etc. by any means;

3. No one may provide this font software and the fonts it contains to any unauthorized third party;

4. Unauthorized users can only be used in the following cases: trial before commercial application, application of public welfare project, personal non-profit application.
Font Description:

The Chinese character of this font is designed and manufactured according to the national GB2312-80 standard. The number of Chinese characters is 6763. It also contains 135 characters commonly used in ASCII.

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